Archivist Volunteer

This is a new position that could be of interest to anyone who is well organised and is comfortable in dealing with documentation and computers.

As custodians of a heritage ship it has been recognised that there is a responsibility to ensure that the documentation and artefacts associated with her design, building and operation are maintained and made accessible for the study and use by future generations.  We therefore want to establish a new position of Archivist and are looking for a volunteer to set up and manage a records and archiving system that will help to organise current and historical records and documentation and make these readily accessible now and in the future.

Archivist Volunteer Job Description

Name of Role: Archivist

Description of Role:  To develop and execute an implementation plan for a common Records and Archives system that will promote a consistent approach to maintaining records and will create an accessible historical archive.  

Reporting to:  The Executive Committee

Responsible for: No staff report to this position

Key Responsibilities / Deliverables: 

  • Liaise with department heads and others to review current practice on maintaining records, archiving and backup of documents both electronic and hard copy.
  • Identify existing documentation and artefacts that may be of historical interest and worthy of preservation for the future.
  • Develop an archive system that will store, preserve and make accessible records, documentation and other relevant information and experience that might be of operational, educational and historical interest in the future.  This should include for example formal Society documentation, technical and operational documents, specifications, plans, manuals, photographs, Society journals/magazines and significant physical artefacts.
  • Promote a coordinated and consistent approach by volunteers, who through their role in the Society, create or are responsible for documents so that they do so in such a way that these are controlled and readily accessible to others when required and are properly stored and backed-up electronically. 

Financial Dimensions: Budget holder for any related expenditure agreed by the Executive Committee.

Volunteer Enquiry Form

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