Berth 110, Southampton Docks, Hampshire

Please be aware that there are road works that are affecting routes to the Shieldhall. Please use Dock Gate 10 to enter the docks and avoid Dock Gate 20 as there are substantial road working near this area. 

Berth 110 is the berth immediately west of the dry-dock. There is parking at the berth, but be aware that the quay-top does have some unevenness. 

The nearest postcode to this Berth is SO15 0HH.

Please note - Port Security can require anyone, crew and/or visitors, to show that they have legitimate business within the port. SSPL Membership card, sailing ticket, appointment e-mail, etc.

Coming into the docks from Dock Gate 10

From Dock Gate 10, take the roundabout second exit and head in a westerly direction (West Bay Road).At the second roundabout (and level crossing) continue (now Western Avenue)past the dock, bearing left following the “Berlin Wall”. Take the left turn between the wall and the container park fence (and the “Steamship Shieldhall” signs).

Coming into the docks from Dock Gate 20 - DO NOT USE AT THIS TIME, PLEASE USE DOCK GATE 10 ONLY

From Dock Gate 20, take the roundabout first exit and head eastwards. Follow the road (Western Avenue) turning left at DP World entrance and on to the next roundabout. Take the first exit (signed for Dock Gate 10) and then the first right turn, between the container park fence and the “Berlin Wall” (and the “Steamship Shieldhall” signs). Following the wall, you will find the car park through gates to the left and adjacent to the dock Pump House.