2013 Heritage Lottery Project

One Way Ticket


The image was taken on the 28th March for a performance of One Way Ticket in association with Apples and Snakes and the Nuffield Theatre. For this performance, a film crew captured the story on camera and we expect to get a DVD in the not too distant future.

The actors are Justin Coe, Sophie Rose (wears the coat and beret) and Rosemary Harris.

Rosemary takes the part of the adult Jeannie who tells the story of how she and her brother Ronnie, played by Justin, were sent by ship to Australia, from Britain in the mid 1950s and Sophie plays the part of Jeannie,as a youngster.

Children were sent from children’s homes in the UK to Australia with the promise of a new and better life, mostly without their parents knowledge and brothers and sisters would be sent to different families, with no attempt to place them close to each other. A real scandal and even today, these “emigrants” continue to search and be united with their families.

This is another instance of Shieldhall being used as a “living stage”.

Posted by Tim Bowers, Sat 29 Mar 2014