Shieldhall still steaming at 60 years old!


Shieldhall celebrated her 60th birthday with a 3 hr cruise on Sunday 5 July, following some of the route taken whilst in service with Southern Water in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The Shieldhall Stompers Jazz Band were on board, making sure that everything went with a swing. Guests included The Mayor, Councillor Linda Norris, in her capacity as Admiral of the Port of Southampton, and many other supporters who had assisted Shieldhall through the years. Guests and ticket holders were treated to a premiere viewing of a new Shieldhall video ‘We are Shieldhall’, focusing on the role played by the loyal volunteers who keep her afloat.

The Mayor cut a Shieldhall 60th birthday cake, with slices given out to everyone on board. BBC Radio Solent’s H2O team were present, interviewing Lottery Project Manager Graham McKenzie, Captain Ian Odd and Marketing Director Nigel Philpott. ‘The weather kept fine and everyone had a very enjoyable time’ said Shieldhall Chairman Mr Doug Brodie. ‘We have had many positive comments about the sailing; the positivity of our volunteers and crew and how well the ship was looking. It all augurs well for the future.’


Posted by Lewis Folland, Sun 5 Jul 2015

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