Shieldhall features in new 'Grimsby' movie!

Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie 'Grimsby' has divided the critics - why not pop along to your nearest cinema and judge for yourselves?! There are some very rude jokes and sketches - but make your way through to the end of the film and the credits and you're rewarded with a night time action scene recorded on Shieldhall! Filming actually took place in 2014 whilst Shieldhall was at Berth 48 in the Eastern Docks, though in the film the ship is meant to be lying in port off the coast of Africa. The night scene includes shots taken on the Boat Deck and Engine Room and -unusually - the crew cabin quarters. Please note NONE of the Shieldhall crew were shot during the making of the film . . . 

Another film to look out for that has been on limited release is 'The Honourable Rebel', the story of the life of Elizabeth Montagu, one time heir to the Beaulieu Estate. Focusing in particular on her role as a British Secret Service agent in World War II, the Shieldhall is seen in the context of the ship that Elizabeth Montagu was meant to have caught back to England in early 1940, only for her to decide to stay in France where she remained throughout the war. To view the trailer for the film, please visit

'The Honourable Rebel' has been shown in Odeon cinemas as part of its Silver Screen programming, and will come out on DVD in summer 2016. 

If watching the film, please be sure to look at the credits, boasting the names of many Shieldhall volunteers who played the role of extras when the crew arrived at Berth 48!

Posted by Lewis Folland, Thu 3 Mar 2016