A Christmas gift to Shieldhall - Friday 16th December

Over the years we have constantly researched and often achieved success in finding effective funding sources for Shieldhall. Most recently the Heritage Lottery Fund has been our major supporter with significant grant funding. However, one organisation that we know has funds but which we have struggled to access has been the Arts Council. We may now have found a way!

The Arts Council provide funding for small charities through an organisation called Local Giving. We are now members of Local Giving and able to participate in their fundraising initiatives.

Friday 16th December is Local Charities Day and through an initiative called GiveMe5, each donation of exactly five pounds to Shieldhall made via the Local Giving site on Friday will be eligible for matched funding from the Arts Council. In other words, every five pounds we raise on Friday could be doubled up to ten pounds and also attract an extra 25% of Gift Aid.

Tis the season of goodwill and generosity, so why not donate just five pounds to Shieldhall on Friday and see if we can raise some serious Christmas cheer. Heads of Departments, you are requested to cascade this info to your teams.

Click here to donate!

Remember, this facility is only available on Friday 16th December and only for donations of exactly five pounds.

Thank you on behalf of the Executive Body and Shieldhall for your generosity.

Best Regards and a Happy Christmas.



Secretary – SS Shieldhall

Posted by Lewis Folland, Wed 14 Dec 2016