Speakers confirmed on 2017 sailings

Shieldhall’s 2017 sailing programme is dotted with guest speakers and experts on a variety of subjects. The season starts with a sailing down Southampton Water with special guest Maria Newbury on board, the curator of SeaCity Pavilion’s exhibition ‘Port Out, Southampton Home’  that runs until June. Enjoy looking at some artefacts from the Museum archives as Shieldhall passes close to the modern cruise liners Crown Princess, Independence of the Seas and Queen Elizabeth!

On Monday 29th May Shieldhall stages a cruise with a Titanic theme, with author Ann Victoria Roberts on board. Ann will be giving an illustrated talk on Titanic’s Captain Smith, and revealing some surprising details surrounding Titanic’s maiden voyage. Entries in the Southampton Dockmaster’s Log Book for 1912, prompted Ann’s research, resulting in The Master’s Tale, a novel in which she sets facts about Titanic and her Captain in the context of his life and times.

Representatives from the Maritime Archaeology Trust will be on board Shieldhall on Saturday 1st July on our all day Solent Sailing, when we will enjoy the spectacle of the Round the Island Race. The team will bring displays and be happy to answer questions relating to the Trust’s project ‘Forgotten Wrecks of WW 1’ and the general maritime archaeology of the Solent.

Southampton tour guide and Jane Austen enthusiast Jack Wilson will give a short presentation on our ‘Head to the Solent Cruise’ on Saturday 22nd July, 4pm – 7pm. Jack will recount Jane’s time in Southampton and her trips to Hythe and up the River Itchen to view warships in this, the 200th anniversary year of her death.

Posted by Lewis Folland, Thu 9 Mar 2017