The name's Shieldhall . . . Steamship Shieldhall

Shieldhall's volunteer crew were delighted to welcome author Anthony Horowitz on Shieldhall at the end of last year, and can now reveal that Mr Horowitz was doing his very own reconnaissance mission, checking some details for his new James Bond novel, 'Forever and a Day', published last week. Going straight to the top of the best sellers list, the novel reveals how James Bond became 007, and features extensive scenes set on a 1950s steam ship, the Mirabelle. Reference is made to the Mirabelle's triple expansion steam engines, and her twin Lobnitz and co. boilers, with Mr Horowitz being sure all of the terminology used was carefully vetted by Chief Engineer Graham Mackenzie, who is acknowledged for his contribution. After 'making the cut' for the book, the volunteer crew are now looking at the film rights and hoping Shieldhall might feature again!

Posted by Lewis Folland, Sat 9 Jun 2018