Southampton Water Cruise, Titanic Theme - Sailing from Southampton

Sunday 27th May 2018, 15:00 - 18:00

Join us as Shieldhall cruise down Southampton Water towards the Solent. Learn about Southampton’s links with the SS Titanic, including the New York incident that nearly resulted in a collision in Southampton Water between the Titanic and the SS New York. We will welcome some guest speakers on board. On our return to berth get close to the departing cruise ship , always the cue to sound our whistle and play the ‘Shieldhall Organ’!

As part of your cruise, see the impressive engine room with its original steam engines at work and the bridge, with its traditional instruments and gleaming brasswork; admire the ship’s steam assisted steering gear (similar to that used on Titanic); talk to the Captain and our volunteer crew; listen to the informed commentary on the sights and sounds of Southampton Water and The Solent; pass close to the great ocean liners and container ships; walk the teak decks; relax in the Saloon with our wide range of refreshments including tea / coffee; real ale; a range of Titanic bottled beers; wine and hot and cold food, available on all trips.

Children will have fun with our interactive Shieldhall Passport, collecting stickers from various stations on board!

Also on this trip....

‘Captain Smith and Titanic: Facts & Fiction’

Historical novelist, Ann Victoria Roberts, will be giving an illustrated talk on Captain Smith, and revealing some surprising details surrounding Titanic’s maiden voyage. Entries in the Southampton Dockmaster’s Log Book for 1912, prompted Ann’s research, resulting in The Master’s Tale, a novel in which she sets facts about Titanic and her Captain in the context of his life and times.

Ann is the wife of Shieldhall’s Captain Peter Roberts, and travelled the world with him during the early years of their marriage. It gave her an understanding, she says, of how men at sea work and think, enabling her to picture the life of Captain Smith as he rose from humble beginnings to become White Star’s senior master.





Southampton Water Cruise - Sailing from Southampton

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Southampton Water Cruise - Sailing from Southampton

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Southampton Water Cruise - Sailing from Southampton

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Southampton Water Cruise - Sailing from Southampton

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