Home NewsUpdated – 2021 Crew Drill Training Dates

As Dry Dock has been delayed, Ian Odd has shared 2 NEW Drill Training dates that will be carried out before Dry Dock. The NEW dates are as follows:

Saturday 15th May – 10:00
Saturday 29th May – 10:00

There will also be our MCA inspection date that will be announced shortly.

All crew intending to sail during the 2021 sailing season are reminded that they should attend at least 1 of these sessions if not both. Current sea-going members are excused but must have a safety familiarisation walk-about with a crew member. It is important that all crew should also complete the online training before sailing on the vessel. Many of you have already completed this online training but just a reminder to any crew members that have not completed the online training this needs to be done before you sail.

If you have any questions, please speak with your department head.