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AGM Minutes – 12th April 2015

The meeting opened at 11.00 hrs.

Executive Committee Members Present;

Doug Brodie (Chairman), James Robson (Hon Secretary), David Rice (Hon Treasurer), Barry Eagles, Tony Holley, Rosie Jacob, David Morgan, Peter Sheppard.

Additional Trading Company Directors Present;

Derek Burke, Norman Tulip. Nigel Philpott.

37 Further members signed the Register of Attendance

1. Chairman’s Welcome and Report

Doug Brodie (DB) welcomed members to the meeting noting continued good attendance and support for Shieldhall. He apologised for the somewhat limited facilities on board whilst refurbishment work was taking place.

DB reported that the Society President Maldwin Drummond was unable to attend following recent hospitalisation. All members wished him a speedy recovery.

DB summarised a successful year for Shieldhall with increased bookings and continued growth in alongside activities. He commented on the extensive works undertaken as part of the Lottery funded project, noting in particular the work carried out in dry dock and introduction of the on line ticketing system. The first full season of sailing with the boat deck awning in place had shown it to be a wise investment. Whilst bookings were increasing year on year there remained much to be done to make the ship profitable in the longer term. A continued development of business initiatives, together with growth in the membership and volunteer base were all essential to achieve sustainability.

DB expressed particular thanks to the team who stood by the ship in dry dock, volunteers who had worked by during the winter months without light and heat and to the many organisations who continued to support Shieldhall in cash or in kind.

2. Apologies had been sent to the Secretary in advance of the meeting by:

Maldwin Drummond, Terry Brook, Terry and Barbara Winsborough, Nigel and Gill Robinson, Vivien and Roger Moore, Ann and Alan Hawkridge, Roger Heathden, Barry Quest, Andrew Dibsdall, Peter Roberts, Paul McNab, Isabel and Graham Martin, Simon Woodall, Richard Batten, Sam Dobell, John Whiting.

3. Minutes of the AGM held on 23rd March 2014 were approved as a correct record.

4. Treasurers Report.

Dave Rice (DR) informed the meeting that with turnover in year amounting to a figure in excess of one million pounds, attributable to the Heritage Lottery Fund grant, it had been necessary to commission a full audit of the annual accounts. The audit had concluded a satisfactory set of accounts and he was pleased to present those accounts to the meeting having been approved by the Executive.

DR provided an explanation of the key components of the accounts giving detail of the source of funds and expenditure incurred. He also updated the figures provided to show a current healthy financial position with funding in place or promised to meet the remainder of the HLF programme and to start the process of fundraising needed to meet the cost of dry docking in 2016.

The Annual Report and Accounts were adopted by the membership and a vote of thanks passed for the Treasurer.

5. The meeting approved the continued appointment of the Auditor Messrs David Gamblin Chartered Accountants and authorised the Executive to agree and pay the audit fee.

6. Election of Executive Committee Members

The meeting was advised that in accordance with rule 33, James Robson, David Rice, David Morgan, Sam Dobell, and Peter Sheppard were retiring from the Executive by rotation and all offered themselves for re-election. Edwina Cooke had resigned in year and George Sloss was standing down from the Executive resulting in 2 vacancies. Two new members had applied to join the Executive, Andrew Mabbett and Paul Smith.

Members unanimously endorsed the appointment of the above Executive Committee.

7. Chairman’s Closing Address

In closing the formal part of the Annual General Meeting, the Chairman thanked all involved in keeping Shieldhall operational and in good order for a further year. He reminded members that in 2016 the ship would be required to dry dock at a probable cost in the order of £100k, this would necessitate serious fundraising. He considered that the future of Shieldhall would be dependent on raising income from new sources, particularly alongside events. This would require new and different volunteers to support the ship and he made an appeal for all present to spread the word and attract additional members and volunteers.

Issues over berthing of the ship in Southampton continued to cause concern; however ABP had indicated a commitment to heritage vessels and a compromise arrangement utilising 48 berth for the majority of sailings seemed possible for the forthcoming summer season.

The Membership asked the Chairman to express thanks to ABP for their continuing support.

Finally, the Chairman declared the Chairman’s Award for 2014 was to Lewis Folland for his very significant contribution to the ship and work as Webmaster.

The formal meeting closed at 11.30.

On completion of the AGM reports were presented by the CEO of the Trading Company and Project Manager for the HLF Project.

8. Report from the Trading Company

Derek Burke (DB) updated members on the activities in the Trading Company. He noted particular issues with catering which had been partially resolved by the appointment of City Caterers. Whilst this had greatly improved standards it was at a cost. He appealed for volunteers to come forward who were willing to assist in the delivery of on board functions in any capacity.

DB noted the success of the on line ticketing facility and improved marketing, all of which were leading to encouraging indications for increased bookings in 2015. He thanked the Board for their continued support.

9. Saving Shieldhall Project.

Graham Mackenzie (GM) reported on behalf of the HLF Project Team. He reminded members of the grant awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and described progress of the works to date and the draw down process. He reported that the works were broadly on time and so far within budget. He encouraged all members to look around the ship at the refurbishment work in hand and improved facilities that would result. He also appealed for additional volunteers to come forward and help maintain the ship to the standard now achieved.

Works still to be completed included replacement of the boat deck generator and further improvement to facilities in the saloon and galley areas.

10. AOB.

Nigel Philpott advised that the sailing programme was available and encouraged members to help with distribution. Bookings were going well and some sailings were near capacity. A number of new initiatives had been added to the programme in the hope that this might attract new audiences.

Jim Cusiter advised that membership was largely unchanged at circa 870 members. He felt that additional members were needed and encouraged recruitment. He reminded all present that annual memberships were now due.

David Morgan reported that a Maritime Heritage Trust Conference was planned for October which he hoped Shieldhall and ABP would attend. In response to a member’s question he advised that an application for dispensation from new fuel regulations for heritage vessels had been rejected.

The Secretary advised provisional dates for future meetings were:

-Half Year meeting on Sunday 15 November 2015

-AGM on Sunday 17 April 2016

All business was concluded at 12.45.

JR. Hon Secretary