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AGM Minutes – 8th April 2018

The meeting opened at 11.00 hrs.

Executive Committee Members Present:

Doug Brodie (Chairman), Jim Cusiter (Hon Secretary), David Rice (Hon Treasurer), Barry Eagles, Tony Holley, Rosie Jacob, James Robson.

Additional Trading Company Director Present:

Graham Martin

18 Further Members signed the Register of Attendance

1. Chairman’s Welcome and Report

Doug Brodie (DB) welcomed members to the meeting.  He commented that attendance from members was disappointingly low but it was perhaps partially a reflection that there were no contentious issues to be discussed.

DB summarised a very successful year for Shieldhall with nothing exciting to report and no surprises.  The Lottery Project was completed in June 2017 and was a fine example of a project well managed and executed and which was delivered exactly on budget. 

It had been a good trading year despite two sailings having to be cancelled due to bad weather.  It was also pleasing to see that Shieldhall continues to be listed as the number one attraction in Southampton on Trip Advisor.  The main challenge continued to be the lack of revenue earning possibilities available through hosting functions in the saloon.  This is due to the restrictions imposed by our current lay-up berth which are unlikely to change in the short term until plans to redevelop the area around berth 110 are progressed.

DB highlighted changes in personnel during the year most notably the passing of our President Maldwin Drummond and Vice President Sir William MacAlpine.  Robert Woods who was previously a Vice President has now taken on the role of President.  James Robson has stood down as Hon Secretary and been replaced by Jim Cusiter who in turn has been replaced by Barry Quest as Membership Secretary.  Robert Siddall has taken over from Peter Roberts as Marine Superintendent.  DB particularly thanked James Robson for his notable contribution as Secretary over the last six years.  He also thanked Nigel Robinson who has been actively involved with Shieldhall from the very early days and was responsible, with his wife Gill, for running the Shop and was also a member of the Trading Company Board from which he has now stood down.

2. Apologies had been sent to the Secretary in advance of the meeting by:

Derek Burke, Paul Gosling, David Morgan, Gill Robinson, Andrew Dibsdall, Maurice Dibsdall, BJ Thompson, Paul Smith, Nigel Philpott, Louis Murray and John Phelps.

3. Minutes of the AGM held on 9th April 2017

After a proposal from Tony Holley, seconded by Rosie Jacob, the minutes were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.

4. Treasurers Report

Dave Rice (DR) informed the meeting that at the April meeting of the Executive Committee he had presented the Annual Report and Accounts of the Society which the ECM had approved and adopted.

He was pleased to report that the year ending October 2017 had been financially very successful with positive contributions from both the Trading Company and Catering.  Reserves are now sufficient to cover the expected drydocking costs in 2018.

DR provided a detailed explanation of the key components of the accounts giving detail of the source of funds and expenditure incurred. He concluded by reporting a healthy financial position reflecting a good trading year further assisted by additional donations and legacies. 

After a proposal from Graham Mackenzie, seconded by James Robson, the Annual Report and Accounts were adopted by the membership. A copy would be posted on the website.

Graham Mackenzie also proposed a vote of thanks to Dave Rice and the ECM for the excellent set of accounts and the way that the data had been presented.

5. Re-appointment of the Auditor

DR explained that strictly speaking it is not a legal requirement to produce an independently audited set of accounts but there is an expectation from potential funding sources that audited accounts should be available.  He therefore proposes continuing the practice of having the accounts independently audited. 

No objections were raised and after a proposal from Barry Eagles, seconded by Graham Martin, the meeting approved the continued appointment of the Auditor Messrs David Gamblin Chartered Accountants and authorised the Executive to agree and pay the audit fee.

6. Report of the Membership Secretary

Barry Quest (BQ) presented his report as Membership Secretary showing a reasonably stable position although total membership had reduced slightly to 803 due to the number of deceased and lapsed members this year.

He advised that he is currently looking into the process for issuing membership cards to members and again urged annual members to make their subscription payments via standing orders rather than paying by cheques which then involves more administration for the Membership Secretary.

7. Election of Executive Committee Members

The Chairman advised the meeting that in accordance with the Rules, four members of the Executive are required to stand down prior to each AGM and could offer themselves for re-election. This year, Tony Holley, Andy Mabbett, Dave Rice and Paul Smith have completed their term of office.  All, except for Paul Smith, had agreed to stand again and in addition Barry Quest, who had previously been a co-opted member of the Executive, had agreed to stand.  In the absence of any further nominations, Rule 41c determined that the new committee be appointed. Officers of the Society would remain unchanged.

The Chairman offered thanks to Paul Smith for his support and work during his term of office and hoped that he would continue his valuable support and contribution outwith the committee.

8. Chairman’s Closing Remarks

In closing the formal part of the Annual General Meeting, the Chairman thanked all those past and present Executive Committee and Board members and all other volunteers whose involvement and contribution in many cases over several years has shown great dividends in the current excellent condition and high standard of the ship.

He also highlighted the fact that the sailing on 28th July 2018 will mark the 30th Anniversary of Shieldhall coming under the ownership of the Charity and it is hoped that as many founder members as possible will be invited to join the cruise.

It was also noted that, thanks mostly to the efforts of James Robson, Shieldhall has been award National Historic Ships Regional Flagship for 2018.

The Chairman made a presentation to Nigel and Gill Robinson in recognition of their long term support and commitment to Shieldhall which started in July 1985.  A presentation was also made to Rosie Jacob on behalf of her daughter Sally to recognise Sally’s contribution and help with first aid training for active crew members.

The formal meeting closed at 11.40.

On completion of the AGM, reports were presented by Judy Theobold on behalf of the Marketing Director of the Trading Company and by the Drydocking Superintendent Graham Martin who updated the meeting on the work to be undertaken at the forthcoming drydocking.

An invitation to members to ask questions of the Executive resulted in a question about the preparation for implementation of the new General Data Protection Regulations which come into effect on 25th May 2018. In reply to which it was confirmed that work is well in hand to ensure compliance.  Another member expressed his disgust at the lack of attendees at the AGM and in subsequent discussion it was suggested that to improve attendance, the Executive should give consideration to aligning the timing of the pre-sailing season shakedown cruise with the AGM to encourage more members to attend and experience the ship at the same time.

Provisional dates for next meetings are:

Half Year Meeting – Sunday 4th November 2018.
AGM 2019 – Sunday 7th April 2019

All business was concluded at 12.05.

JMC. Hon Secretary