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AGM Minutes – 9th April 2017

The meeting opened at 11.00 hrs.

Executive Committee Members Present;

Doug Brodie (Chairman), James Robson (Hon Secretary), David Rice (Hon Treasurer), Jim Cusiter, Barry Eagles, Tony Holley, Rosie Jacob, 

Additional Trading Company Directors Present;

Derek Burke, Nigel Philpott, Graham Martin

21 Further members signed the Register of Attendance

1. Chairman’s Welcome and Report

Doug Brodie (DB) welcomed members to the meeting noting continued good attendance and support for Shieldhall. 

DB summarised a very successful year for Shieldhall with the near completion of the Lottery Project, highest ever passenger numbers and a profitable programme of sailings. It had been particularly pleasing to see Shieldhall again listed as number one attraction in Southampton on Trip Advisor. He invited members to look around the ship and view the changes that had taken place. Relocation of the ship to 110 berth continued to be the biggest challenge to income generation and crewing logistics and there seemed to be little prospect for improvement in the berthing position in the immediate future.
DB considered that the success of the past year had been due to the combined efforts of the Executive and Board teams and to the volunteers whose work throughout the year enabled Shieldhall to function. Specifically, he thanked Graham Mackenzie for bringing the Lottery Project to a most successful conclusion and Nigel Philpott for continuing to increase passenger numbers. He also thanked those organisations who continued to support Shieldhall in cash or in kind.

2. Apologies had been sent to the Secretary in advance of the meeting by:

David Morgan, Terry Brook, Nigel and Gill Robinson, Barry Quest, Andrew Dibsdall, Peter Sheppard,  Peter Roberts, Paul McNab, Sam Dobell, Mr and Mrs Dominic Carlton, Mr Walters, Roger Heathlean, BJ Thompson, Paul Smith, Brian and Mary Davies and a number of active volunteers.

3. Minutes of the AGM held on 17th April 2016 

The minutes were approved as a correct record.

The Secretary reported that the updated Rules of the Society had been approved and registered by the FCA. A copy was available on the website.

4. Treasurers Report.

Dave Rice (DR) informed the meeting that at the April meeting of the Executive Committee he had presented the Annual Report and Accounts of the Society which the ECM had approved and adopted. He was pleased to report that the year ending October 2016 had been extremely successful financially with positive contributions from both the Trading Company and Catering. On advice of the Accountant a provision had been made to create a reserve against future unexpected expenditure and in preparation for the 2018 dry dock. 

DR provided a detailed explanation of the key components of the accounts giving detail of the source of funds and expenditure incurred. He concluded by reporting a healthy financial position reflecting a good trading year further assisted by additional donations and legacies. 

The Annual Report and Accounts were adopted by the membership. A copy would be posted on the website.

5. The meeting approved the continued appointment of the Auditor Messrs David Gamblin Chartered Accountants and authorised the Executive to agree and pay the audit fee.

6. Membership Report, Subscription and Rule Changes

Jim Cusiter (JC) presented his report as Membership Secretary showing a steady state for overall membership. Current membership stood at 827 members with 36 new members joining during the year and 35 lapsed or deceased. Subscription income amounted to £10,967 in 2016 and new subscription rates were in place for the current year. Membership renewals were now in process.

7. Election of Executive Committee Members

The Chairman reminded the meeting that in accordance with the revised Rules, only four members of the Executive were now required to stand down prior to each AGM and could offer themselves for re-election. This year, Peter Sheppard, James Robson, Sam Dobell and David Morgan had completed their term of office. All, with the exception of Peter Sheppard, had agreed to stand again and in addition John Phelps, who had previously been a co-opted member of the Executive, had agreed to stand. In the absence of any further nominations, Rule 41c determined that the new committee be appointed. Officers of the Society would remain unchanged in the short term.

The Chairman offered thanks to Peter Sheppard for his support, particularly in the areas of fundraising and the building of corporate relationships, during his term of office.

8. Chairman’s Closing Address

In closing the formal part of the Annual General Meeting, the Chairman thanked all involved in keeping Shieldhall operational and in good order for a further year. He noted that notwithstanding the success of the 2016 season the Society still needed to generate income outside of the sailings and to seek benefit from the refurbishment work that had been carried out. Issues over berthing of the ship were not easily resolved and although positive discussion had taken place with the new Port Director at which assurances over our tenure had been given in the short term, a long term solution was still required.

It continued to be important to the future of the Society that every effort be applied to attract new members and volunteers.

The formal meeting closed at 11.30.

On completion of the AGM, reports were presented by the CEO of the Trading Company, the Project Manager for the HLF Project and the Marketing Manager.

An invitation to members to ask questions of the Executive resulted in a suggestion that attendance at the Seawork Exhibition be further investigated.

All business was concluded at 12.00.

JR. Hon Secretary

Post meeting note. 
The Half Year Meeting of the Society will be held on Sunday 8th October 2017.
The next AGM will be on Sunday 8th April 2018