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AGM Minutes – April 2013

The meeting opened at 11.15 hrs.

Executive Committee Members Present;

Doug Brodie (Chairman), James Robson (Hon Secretary), David Rice (Hon Treasurer), Barry Eagles, Tony Holley, Roy Kendall. David Morgan, Peter Roberts. Peter Sheppard.

Additional Trading Company Directors Present;

Graham Mackenzie, Terry Brook

41 Further members signed the Register of Attendance

1. Chairman’s Welcome and Report

Doug Brodie(DB) welcomed the Society President and members to the meeting noting continued good attendance and support for Shieldhall.

DB referred to the detailed report of the Executive as contained in the Annual Report and Accounts. He noted in particular the progress made since the last AGM with a financially successful if somewhat weather restricted 2012 sailing season. The challenges of securing continued sailing for Shieldhall had been recognised by the development of the lottery bid and much work had gone into preparing a programme of repair, upgrading of facilities, identification of future markets and sustainability with the resultant good news that had been conveyed in the recent press release and would be described in more detail during the meeting.

2. Apologies had been sent to the Secretary in advance of the meeting by:

Sir William McAlpine, Nigel and Gill Robinson, Bob Stevens, Sam Dobell and John Birch.

3. Minutes of the AGM held on 25th March 2012 were approved as a correct record.

4. Annual Report and Accounts 

Doug Brodie introduced Dave Rice(DR) as incoming Treasurer for the Society.

The Annual Report and Accounts for 2011 – 2012 were approved for adoption.

5. Treasurers Report.

Dave Rice conveyed thanks to Richard Walker and John Everett for their assistance in the handover and preparation of accounts. He highlighted key elements from a summary of accounts distributed at the meeting, pointing out that the Society had shown a small surplus on activity for the year and with the assistance of grants and legacies was currently able to present a healthy balance sheet.

The Chairman noted that DR had stepped into the Treasurer role at short notice and had dedicated a great deal of time and effort to ensure that sound management reports were available to the Executive and Board and that the Annual Report and Accounts could be filed on time. The appreciation of the Membership was duly recorded.

6. The meeting approved the continued appointment of the Auditor Ms Susan Pendarves and authorised the ECM to agree and pay the audit fee.

7. Membership Report

Terry Brook, Membership Secretary, reported a current membership of 883 with 117 members failing to renew at April 2012 but 70 new members joining subsequent to that date.

8. Election of Executive Committee Members

The meeting was advised that in accordance with rule 33, James Robson, Sam Dobell and Peter Sheppard were retiring from the ECM by rotation and all offered themselves for   re-election. Mike Sutton and Roy Kendall were also retiring but did not seek re-election. Two further vacancies existed following the resignations in year of Chris Broadbridge and Richard Walker. With four vacancies to fill it was encouraging to report that four candidates had come forward and the membership was invited to endorse the appointment to the Executive of Edwina Cooke, Rosie Jacob, David Rice and George Sloss.

Members unanimously endorsed the election of the above to the Executive Committee.

9. Report from the Trading Company

Graham Mackenzie(GM) presented his report as MD of the Trading Company.

2012 had been a busy year in the Solent and in spite of very poor weather conditions every opportunity had been taken to utilise the opportunities presented. Most sailings had been well supported with the result that the year had been financially successful. New ventures such as dining cruises and continuation of youth training had been well received and would be repeated. He offered thanks to the working crew for helping to keep passengers comfortable and informed throughout each of the cruises, this had provided positive feedback and supportive comment which had considerably assisted the lottery application.

2013 presented fewer opportunities for themed cruises but an attractive programme was taking shape within the confines of sailing permitted by the restricted passenger certificate. Further dining cruises were planned and were already booking well, entertainment by the group “Coast” was expected to add to the attraction of the late summer “Gaffers” event and short family “taster cruises” had been added to the programme.

GM reported the appointment of a marketing resource which it was hoped would help raise the profile of Shieldhall and attract more bookings.

Finally, GM informed the meeting of his intention to stand down as MD of the Trading Company in order that he might apply his full attention to management of the Lottery Funded project.

The Chairman noted the report of the Trading Company and recorded the appreciation of the membership for the valuable contribution that GM had made to making Shieldhall and the Lottery bid a success. He invited GM to provide further detail on how the Lottery Project would now be managed.

GM outlined the programme and financial implications attached to the successful bid for Heritage Lottery Fund support. He explained the financial challenge of achieving matched funding, progress to date and timescales for completion. It was anticipated that a formal permission to start the project would be made within 2 weeks and completion of all activity would be required by December 2015. Priorities in the first year would include asbestos removal, improved all weather protection, commissioning a shore based office/reception, appointment of an Interpretation Officer and the commencement of steel work replacement. In summary a great deal of work lay ahead which was expected to give Shieldhall another 25 years of operational life.

10. Members Questions.

Maurice Meredith invited members to consider returning the hull of Shieldhall to the original grey now that Titanic commemorative events were concluded and lottery funding had been awarded to preserve the heritage of the vessel. Following lively debate and an informal show of hands it was apparent that the significant majority in the meeting favoured retention of the black hull.

11. Southampton Maritime Festival, 5th and 6th May 2013,

Peter Sheppard outlined the objectives and plans for the forthcoming Maritime Festival. He drew attention to the detailed programme as advertised in the media and on Shieldhall website. Specific plans for the unveiling of a picture to hang in the saloon and a season long grand draw were described. He asked that all those able to offer help and support on the 2 days of the festival make contact with himself or Capt Sam Dobell.

12. Chairman’s Closing Remarks.

Before closing the meeting the Chairman presented a long service award to Roy Kendall and thanked him for his considerable contribution to Shieldhall over many years. 

A special commendation was made to Lewis Folland for his work in developing the website.

He further thanked Graham Mackenzie and the HLF team for the hard work that had resulted in the successful lottery bid. He noted that the generosity of a number of individuals had enabled a good start to be made in securing the matched funding now required and urged all members to continue this process by responding to the appeal for funds and pledges recently circulated

DB asked all present to recognise that the future of Shieldhall was as much about sustainability as it was about capital investment. He encouraged everyone to make full use of the ship and her facilities by encouraging bookings both for cruises and static events. He hoped that take up of the Grand Draw would be promoted with every member selling at least one book of tickets. He reminded members of the importance of bequests to the ship and advised that a facility for preparing a simple codicil would be added to the website.

Finally, DB thanked the Executive and Membership for their support during the year and advised that the Half Year meeting would be held on Sunday 3rd November 2013.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 12.45 hrs


April 2013