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AGM Minutes – March 2014

The meeting opened at 11.00 hrs.

The Society President, Maldwin Drummond was in attendance.

Executive Committee Members Present:

Doug Brodie (Chairman), James Robson (Hon Secretary), David Rice (Hon Treasurer), Edwina Cooke, Barry Eagles, Tony Holley, Rosie Jacob, David Morgan, Peter Roberts. Peter Sheppard.

Additional Trading Company Directors Present:

Derek Burke, Norman Tulip.

44 Further members signed the Register of Attendance

1. Chairman’s Welcome and Report.

Doug Brodie (DB) welcomed the Society President and members to the meeting noting continued good attendance and support for Shieldhall.

DB informed members that due to a combination of circumstances, including the earlier than usual AGM, it would not be possible to present the Annual Report and Accounts at the meeting. The Treasurer would seek the agreement of Members to adjourn that agenda item to a later date.

Although the 2013 season had been somewhat restricted it had been good to have Shieldhall sailing again. The success of the Lottery bid had provided great motivation and an enhanced programme of sailings in 2014 offered the opportunity for the Society to achieve improved financial security. He urged members to support the sailing programme and other activities now planned. He expressed thanks to those members who had supported the Lottery bid with pledges of matched funding, to volunteers for keeping the ship in good order and to organisations who supported Shieldhall through donations of cash or kind.

DB welcomed Councillor Derek Burke as the new CEO of the Trading Company.

2. Apologies had been sent to the Secretary in advance of the meeting by:

Terry Brook, Roger Leathlean, Robertus Gerbracht and Anne Bristow, John and Pam Thompson, Nigel and Gill Robinson, Steve Cowan, Paul and Ann McNab.

3. Minutes of the AGM held on 7th April 2013 were approved as a correct record.

4. Treasurers Report.

Dave Rice (DR) informed the meeting that due to the need to take specialist advice on accounting procedures appropriate for the management of Heritage Lottery Funding and subsequent review of accounts for the Trading and Catering Companies, together with the earlier date of the AGM, it had not been possible to finalise and present accounts to the meeting.

5. Annual Report and Accounts 

By agreement with all present, this item was adjourned to a reconvened AGM to take place on board Shieldhall on 6th June 2014 commencing @ 13.00 hrs.

6. The meeting approved the continued appointment of the Auditor Ms Susan Pendarves and authorised the Executive to agree and pay the audit fee.

7. Membership Report

Edwina Cooke (EC) was introduced to the meeting as the new Membership Secretary.

EC reported a reduction in overall memberships as a consequence of a number of members failing to renew at April 2013. The latest indication of active memberships was that the Society had 485 Ordinary Members of whom 104 pay a reduced membership rate plus 318 Life Members. A total of 803 members. However, included in this number were some long overdue subscriptions which would be reviewed and if not activated removed from the register 3 months after the April 2014 renewals had been processed.

EC thanked those members who generously added a donation to their membership fee and who paid using Gift Aid. She further emphasised the importance of attracting new members and informed the meeting that 2014 renewals were now being processed. 

8. Election of Executive Committee Members

The meeting was advised that in accordance with rule 33, Doug Brodie, Barry Eagles, Tony Holley, Peter Roberts and Rosie Jacob were retiring from the Executive by rotation and all offered themselves for re-election. 

Members unanimously endorsed the re-election of the above to the Executive Committee.

9. Report from the Trading Company

Derek Burke (DB) reported that since taking office he had been impressed by the effectiveness of the management team and appreciated the support he had received from the outgoing Managing Director and the Executive.

An early task for the Trading Company had been to review the roles of Directors, following which new Role Profiles had been developed and agreed. This had greatly assisted in identifying who held specific responsibilities on the Board and who would take forward new initiatives.

The need for reliable and improved catering had been identified as an early priority and good progress was being made to ensure that a high quality offering would be available for all sailings this year. Changes were being made to the Designated Premises Supervisor and owner representation would be required for all on board functions. Rules had been introduced through necessity to improve security and access to the ship when alongside.

DB thanked Graham Mackenzie for his support during a handover period. He also welcomed Norman Tulip to the Board.

10. Saving Shieldhall Project.

Graham Mackenzie (GM) reported on behalf of the HLF Project Team. He reminded members of the grant awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and described progress of the works to date and the draw down process. He reported that the current phase of works was on time and within budget. The major works in dry dock would now take place during April and planning had commenced on the next phase of works scheduled for Autumn/Winter 2014/15. Of interest, the refurbishment works exceeded the original new build cost of the ship.

GM highlighted the increase in covered accommodation for passengers and upgrading of furnishings all of which would improve the passenger experience and provided the potential for a wider range of on board activities. Work had commenced with the Learning and Participation consultants for delivery of this significant element of the overall project. The shore reception terminal was also in place and ready to be fitted out. On line ticketing was now live.

GM ended his report with an appeal to members to support the 2014 programme through the purchase of cruise tickets and attendance at alongside events.

A vote of thanks was proposed from the floor for the work of GM and the HLF team.

11. AOB.

Nigel Philpott advised that a new version of the sailing programme would be available shortly.

Peter Sheppard reminded members of the recycling of ink cartridges and mobile phones project.

12. Chairman’s Closing Remarks.

DB thanked the Executive and Membership for their support during the year. He considered that there was much to look forward to in 2014. When Shieldhall returned from dry dock there would be a busy season ahead which reinforced the need for:

  • More members
  • More volunteers
  • More tickets to be sold to ensure a healthy future.

Finally, DB presented the Chairman’s award to the HLF Lottery Team and made further special awards to Andy Mabbett for his work in securing additional bridge equipment and Richard Jarvis for developing the range of youth offerings.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 12.25 hrs


March 2014