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AGM Reconvened Meeting 2014 Minutes

Friday, 6 June 2014

Solent Steam Packet Limited

Minutes of a Re-convened AGM of the Solent Steam Packet Ltd held on board SS Shieldhall on 6th June 2014.

The meeting opened at 13.00 hrs

In attendance were:

James Robson – Hon Secretary and Chair for meeting

David Rice – Hon Treasurer

Sam Dobell – ECM Committee member

John McCall – member

This was a single item agenda meeting for the presentation and adoption of the Annual Report and Accounts of the Solent Steam Packet Ltd.

The Treasurer presented the accounts with explanation of the content. He reported that the accounts had also been posted on the Shieldhall website.

It was noted that current levels of activity linked to the Heritage Lottery award were likely to necessitate a formal audit in the coming year. It was also felt that every effort should be made to ensure the availability of the accounts for the AGM in the future.

It was proposed by David Rice, seconded by Sam Dobell and agreed by all present that the Report and Accounts for the year ending October 2013 be approved and adopted.

The meeting closed at 13.15


10th June 2014