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Berth 110 Works

ABP are laying High Voltage cables from the North West corner of the pump house into DP World in the corner of the fencing between the slip way and DP World double gates. (shown on the drawing in red). The trench will be being cut between 25/5/21 and 28/5/21 so we are asked to only park on the affected working days in the section of the car park North of the trench (furthest from Shieldhall). This will mean space is tight. ABP will lay trench plates over the trench once dug and we can park anywhere in our parking area after that has been done but must allow space for them to work. So please no parking on or near the trench. 

This means there should be adequate space for our training on the 29th May.

For dry docking there we must make sure to leave enough space for the cable laying and trench filling to take place. 

The work should be completed by 11th June.