Home NewsChairman’s briefing on the Charity’s current work and future ambitions

Dear Volunteers,

My thanks to those that attended Thursday evening Zoom conference meeting for all of our volunteer crew. 

As some of you were unable to attend the meeting, the Zoom recording is now ready to view by clicking on the link below.

The Zoom recording is just over an hour long but you will see that the video recording has been put into “chapters” so you can just view the piece that you want. 

The Zoom video is there to enable all volunteers to be aware of the ongoing work of the Charity the future of Shieldhall for the next 10 years or more.  

I hope by watching these videos you will have all current information on the operation and plans for Shieldhall in 2022. 

Thank you for your continuing support. 

Best wishes


  • Meeting Agenda Topics – Summary

    1: Introduction

    Year-end report 2021 with a look ahead, our progress with the 5 years business plan and the Project “Wish list” plan of action. List of the various channels of information readily available to all crew members.

    2: Charity obligations

    • Reminder of the two objectives of the Charity which the Board needs to demonstrate to the Charity Commission.
    • The COVID experience of other charities that are now as well prepared as Shieldhall.
    • Update on our application to the National Heritage Memorial Fund for £194K to assist new steelwork and painting at the next Dry Dock.

    3: Business overview

    • Summary of the 80+ subjects that are being acted on since the start of January.
    • Finance
    • Governance and Assurance – Our licence to operate as a charity
    • Trustee roles and vacancies to be filled at the AGM
    • Role Vacancies
    • Safety

    4: Friends of Shieldhall 

    5: Maintenance 

    • Updates on Engineering  – Deck and Accommodation
    • Toilet block for storage
    • Archiving
    • Blue Container Passenger reception

    6: Trading 

    • Customer Experience
    • Marketing of events onboard
    • Management of alongside events
    • Potential Hires
    • Event management training

    7: Community Learning and Development

    • Development Officer
    • Maritime awareness training
    • Ambulance, Fire and Rescue, Border force

    8: Fundraising Projects

    • We need to demonstrate the funds will not only preserve the ship but also improve diversity, support to the local community and its services.
    • Current projects under consideration

    9: Volunteers

    • Rostering list to be expanded and used by the customer experience team on sailings days and for alongside events.
    • Volunteer co-ordinator, Department heads are encouraged to talk with Dave Spanner.
    • Cadet mentoring Engineering and Deck.
    • Bridge manning
    • Training and Development to include deck and engineer ratings.
    • Marsh Award money yet to be spent.
  • Video Timings

    0:00 – Intro

    04:40 – Charity Obligations

    11:08 – Business Overview

    21:50 – Friends of Shieldhall

    27:50 – Maintenance

    32:00 – Trading

    37:20 – Community Learning and Development

    38:40 – Fundraising Projects

    46:20 – Volunteers