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Dear Volunteers,

Following the latest Government Coronavirus Lockdown, all work on board Shieldhall must be stopped once more. The board made this decision today (6th November 2020) and agreed to delegate responsibility to me as COO to implement the measures as outlined below and specifically authorised the COO to permit at his discretion volunteers to visit on board during lockdown to carry out checks or essential work related to the safety, security or integrity of the ship.

The measures recognised and endorsed are:

  • Persons over 60 or clinically vulnerable, could be at higher risk of severe illness from coronavirus and must minimise their contacts with others. The clinically vulnerable includes those aged 70 or over. Volunteers in these categories should not visit the ship during lockdown unless authorised to do so by the COO for specific purposes related to the safety, security or integrity of the ship.
  • No volunteer is to be pressurised to attend the ship during this period.
  • Any volunteers visiting the ship should avoid the use of public transport.
  • Two Volunteers will be asked to provide a security check and safety inspection of the ship, 3 visits per week. (A roster of individuals should be based on two deck visits and one engineer’s visit).
  • There will be no Board, Operations or Fundraising Committee meetings on board the ship, these will need to be substituted by Zoom meetings.
  • Engineering maintenance is mainly based in enclosed machinery spaces and will be stopped during the lock down period.  All openings below the ship’s waterline have been securely closed.
  • Deck maintenance will stop except for the need to complete work to ensure that the superstructure is weathertight and prevent further damage to the interior accommodation.  This will be limited to fitting the planned replacement windows and implementing temporary measures to stop water ingress from the monkey island.
  • Steamship Shieldhall instructions for precautions to be taken whilst on board will be strictly complied with and a maximum 6 person on board at any moment in time. 

For good order, the Chairman has written to the port manager to ensure that none of the planned measures conflict with ABP’s own requirements and expectations.

If Heads of Department need to act in variance of these measures please contact me before doing so. Hopefully, we can relax these measures after 2nd December once the Government lifts the current restrictions

Keep safe everyone


Phil Stephens

Chief Operating Officer