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Crew & Passenger Car Parking on Sailing Days Important Update

Thank you to everyone that used the new car parking spaces over our first weekend of passenger sailings. By using this car park over the weekend, we have learnt how we can use this space in the best possible way so please see the new instructions below.

On future sailing days, can all sailing crew please use the car park on the right-hand side of the image above (Orange Section). This is the smaller car park that is separate from the main passenger car park. When using this space, please park your car in tightly to other vehicles so we can get as many cars as possible in this car park. IF the crew car park becomes full, please use the right hand area of the passenger car park which is labelled on the image as the crew overflow parking in grey.

When walking from the car park from the main road to the ship, can all crew please also ensure that we walk within the yellow pedestrian line as this is a strict health and safety rule in place from DP World & ABP.

If you need to use Berth 110 to park for any operational reason, then please do so but only park at Berth 110 on a sailing day if it is vital. The reason for only parking at Berth 110 if vital is because we need to give priority to disabled passengers at Berth 110 and we also need to ensure that coaches can turn around at Berth 110.

Please note these parking instructions are only in place on sailing days. On non-sailing days, please use Berth 110 to park your car as normal.

Thank you for your co-operation!

Kind regards,

Lewis & Terry