Home NewsDay 2 – Our voyage to Falmouth Dry Dock.

We have arrived south east of St Anthony Head near Falmouth Bay. It has taken us 31 hours to reach this point and we have had a successful voyage from Southampton averaging 5.5 knots with lots of activity taking place today.

We are now at anchor until early tomorrow morning. The pilot is due onboard at 5.15 and we will then make our early entry into Falmouth Dry Dock for approximately 6am so an early start for all the crew!

Below is a timeline of today’s events onboard…

This morning we supported Salcombe Lifeboat with a vessel in distress and said hello to one of our captains Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.
Image shows the lifeboat, vessel on tow and Sir Robins yacht furthers right!
Dolphins spotted of the coast at lunchtime today.
Dropping our anchor in Falmouth Bay this afternoon.
In position for the evening….
Sunset over Falmouth Bay this evening.