Home NewsDay 3 – Entry in Falmouth Dry Dock

Thank you to everyone that has visited our Dry Dock BLOG for 2021 so far. We have been overwhelmed with hits to our website so thank you to all our supporters! We can’t wait to welcome you back onboard our historic steamship in the coming weeks.

Today has been a really busy day for all our crew members onboard as it was a very early start.

Our day today started just after 04:00am this morning and we lifted our anchor at just after 04:30 this morning. The pilot joined the ship at 05:15 and we entered Dry Dock number 2 in Falmouth at approximately 06:15. The ship looks tiny in this shipyard as we are in Dock number 2 which is the biggest of the dry docks in Falmouth and we are in here on our own!

The gangways have been rigged, our crew have all completed their site inductions, work packages have been agreed with the yard and jet washing on the hull starts at 18:00 this evening. Great day all round and our crew are now going to enjoy a nice pint down the pub!

Please see images/videos of today’s activities…