Home NewsDay 4 – Progress from Falmouth Dry Dock

It has been another busy day in dry dock and A&P and our crew members have been working hard on the following tasks.

  • A&P have been busy with the water blasting on the hull. If you watch our video below you will see that they have made great progress on this today.
  • They have started to disc the underside paintwork on the hull ready for painting tomorrow.
  • The portside thrust blocks have been opened and surveyed.
  • The MCA have attended the yard and they have surveyed the underwater areas of the ship.
  • The focsle rubbing strake has been removed for steelwork surface preparations.
  • Our crew have been busy in the chain locker cleaning the chain boxes as the anchors have been placed in the dry dock.

Our crew will be clocking off for the day shortly but A&P will be continuing throughout the evening.