Home NewsDay 6 – Progress from Falmouth Dry Dock

Another busy day in dock today, please see our progress from Falmouth Dry Dock for Thursday 10th June.

  • The tail shaft has now been successfully withdrawn and inspected by the MCA.
  • Priming has started on the ships side.
  • The dock yard has measured up for steel replacements of the scupper down pipes.
  • The MCA have surveyed the internal structure of the ship’s hull.
  • The ship underwater valves have all been presented for survey and the yard has started to refit the valves.
  • The port thrust bearing and intermediate shaft bearing have been surveyed, found in good condition, and boxed up ready for service.
  • The anchor cables have been gauged again today ready for paint marking later this week.
  • The hot work certifications have been issued today for replacement of the ballast tank air vents.
  • The new anodes have now all been successfully fitted.
  • Our crew members have finished cleaning one of the chain boxes ready for painting.
  • Our crew have also spot chipped and prepared one of the external bulk heads on the ships forward accommodation.
  • The crew have installed a bilge suction pump to the chain boxes to enable fresh water washing of the anchor chain to reduce corrosion from salt water on the chain.
  • Our engineer Rod has also been installing pipe markings to various sounding points and vents enabling easy identification.

What a busy day we’ve had!