Home NewsDay 7 – Progress from Falmouth Dry Dock

Here is today’s summary of the latest from Falmouth Dry Dock. A & P and our crew are making good progress. If we continue at this pace, A & P are looking to flood the dock on Tuesday 15th June, and we are estimating to leave Falmouth at approximately midday on Tuesday. As we get nearer the time, we will be able to confirm our departure date/time.

  • The starboard propeller shaft has been successfully calibrated and we are pleased to say that all measurements are well within the limits.
  • The shaft keyways die penetrant has been checked and no flaws have been found.
  • The shaft seal components have all been cleaned and inspected ready for replacement to include a new rotating seal donut. (Without the jam)
  • A&P have finished priming the top sides of the ship ready for its cosmetic coating.
  • We have started ballasting the ship to get us ready for departure next week.
  • The chain locker has been dried and inspected ready for painting before a new support grating is installed for the anchor chains.
  • We have received the calibration report for the anchor chains and A&P have marked all the shackle markings on the cable.
  • The contractors have finished burning away the worn scupper plate on the boat deck and new steel is being prepared for welding.
  • The accommodation bulkhead repairs have been completed and they will be painted shortly.

That is it for today! Work will continue throughout this weekend, and we will post a further update tomorrow.

Have a good evening all….