Home NewsDay 8 – Progress from Falmouth Dry Dock

Another busy day onboard today and the sun has put its hat on!

The painters have started on the top sides of the ship, and they anticipate to finish this work this evening. The top side painting includes our black hull and white sides.

  • The anchors have both been painted today waiting for stowing.
  • The dock workers have started the painting of the tie coat on areas before applying the antifouling.
  • The starboard propeller has been refitted to the ship and the cone has been cemented in place.
  • The starboard stern tube has been refilled and will be pressure tested for 12 hours to prove the new stern tube seal.
  • The sea chest grids have all been refitted and the sea suction values have been vacuum box tested.
  • The painters have also primed the scupper pipes onboard.
  • The new ballast tank air vents have all been installed/welded in place.

Our crew have also been busy on the following tasks today.

  • Phil and Geoff have been painting the chain locker.
  • Chris has been busy preparing and priming the spare anchor.
  • Dave S has been preparing/spot chipping the aft mooring bits.
  • Mike’s been continuing with the great work painting the forward accommodation bulkheads.
  • Paul has completed all the inspections for the LSA equipment.
  • Engineers Rod & Tony have flashed our boilers today to start the process of raising steam pressure for Tuesday’s departure.

And to finish the day, our crew have all visited Falmouth beach this afternoon for an ice cream as the weather is beautiful!