Home NewsDay 9 – Progress from Falmouth Dry Dock

It has been another beautiful day here in sunny Falmouth and as it is Sunday, the tasks completed today are a little less than normal as there have been limited number of workers on site.

  • You will see from today’s images the topcoat of black has been applied to the ship as well as the white and the ship is really starting to look smart!
  • The inboard stern tube seal on the port shaft has been refitted after an oil exchange.
  • The ballast tank air vents have all been painted today.
  • Various other bits of steel work repairs have all been primed ready for topcoats tomorrow.
  • Modifications to the rubbing strake have now been completed.

What have our crew been up to today?

  • Some of our crew members had a great morning on the Falmouth Harbour Commissioners pilot boat L.K Mitchell with the Harbour Master Duncan and helmsmen Ben as we watched the Falmouth Classics sail.
  • Some of our crew members have taken a nice stroll down to Falmouth beach and even had a swim in the sea! Bit nippy!
  • Several crew members have also been busy onboard painting various areas of the ship.
  • We have also been busy tidying up as we prepare for our voyage back to Southampton on Tuesday.
  • Throughout Dry Dock, we have only had a small team looking after the ship. Tomorrow evening, the remaining crew are rejoining the ship as we prepare to leave Falmouth at approximately midday on Tuesday.