Eastern Solent Cruise to see 4 cruise ships depart - Sailing from Southampton - Promotion

Sunday 14th July 2019, 14:00 - 18:00

Given your interest in the 'Queens' we would like to offer those on our waiting list tickets at 30% off - £26.60 for adults; £7 children and £60.20 for a family ticket for the Eastern Solent Cruise. This special promotional price and full details on the sailing are available below.

A perfect way to spend a summer afternoon, on a steamship cruise of the Eastern Solent. Enjoy the sights of the Strawberry Coast before heading eastwards towards Ryde, Bembridge and The Palmerston Forts. Built around Britain in the second half of the 19th century, the Fort’s represent the country’s largest ever defensive building program in peacetime. Ranging from landside small gun positions and bunkers to huge walled forts several acres in size, the defences remained important military structures for almost 100 years after they were built and many on the mainland are still in service today. The defence of Portsmouth was central to these installations and today the evidence of this massive programme can still be seen in and around the Solent.

On your return pass the departing cruise ships Celebrity Silhouette, Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Ventura - always the chance to sound our whistle and play the ‘Shieldhall Organ’!

As part of your cruise, see the impressive engine room with its original steam engines at work and the bridge, with its traditional instruments and gleaming brasswork; admire the ship’s steam assisted steering gear (similar to that used on Titanic); talk to the Captain and our volunteer crew; pass close to the great ocean liners and container ships; walk the teak decks; relax in the Saloon with our wide range of refreshments including tea / coffee; real ale; a range of Titanic bottled beers; wine and hot and cold food, available on all trips.

Children will have fun with our interactive Shieldhall Log Book, collecting stickers from various stations on board!




Eastern Solent Cruise - Sailing from Southampton

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Eastern Solent Cruise - Sailing from Southampton

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Eastern Solent Cruise - Sailing from Southampton

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Eastern Solent Cruise - Sailing from Southampton

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