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Our 2020 Chairman’s Award Winner – John Kinch

This year’s Chairman’s Award has been awarded to John Kinch.  Due to the COVID restrictions we were not able to present the award at the Christmas lunch, but instead the previous recipient Terry Brook handed over the award ‘Shieldhall in a bottle’ during one of the maintenance work days onboard.  

Chairman John Rose informed the audience, with Shieldhall not being able to put to sea and then the deck and engineering maintenance teams working on separate days and with a restricted number of volunteers allowed onboard at any one moment in time, the decision making was different from that in past years but the result is no less important. 

John Kinch has worked as hard as any volunteer during the year 2020. He always has a smile for you and commands respect from his peers, this in turn makes it hard to say no when he asks for assistance with work!  The announcement of the award to John was met with rousing cheers from all of those in attendance, proving this to be a very popular decision!