Gift Vouchers


Treat a friend, family member or loved one to a Shieldhall sailing or Experience in 2021 – vouchers can be exchanged for full or part payment on any of our 2021 sailings. Shieldhall Gift Vouchers can be purchased in denominations of £10; £25; £50; £100; £300 (covering the value of a Silver Steam Experience) and £500 (covering the value of a Gold Steam Experience).

NEW: If you wish, you can now purchase a Gift Card with a specific value to cover the cost of a sailing. For example, if you wished to purchase a pair of adult tickets for Shieldhall’s ‘Titanic’ sailing on Saturday 15 May 2021, simply enter the cost of 2 adult tickets (£36.50 x 2 = £73) into the Gift Card ‘other amount’ line. Your payment and Gift Card value would be £73.



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