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I am delighted to share with you the news that we have received 16 applications for the vacancies as a general Trustee. We are confident the  selection process being undertaken will mean that the Board will be in a good position to recommend the appointment of new trustees for endorsement at the Charity’s forthcoming AGM on 11th April.

We are however still seeking suitable candidates for the specific  roles of Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary of the Charity.

For anyone interested the role descriptions are available from our web site or through these links.

To provide more information – 

·       Our organisation is classed as a small charity with income under £250,000 p.a. 

·       All Trustees, COO, fundraising and operations managers and  crews are volunteers. 

·       Our structure is based on a small size business organisation that operates a 65 year old working passenger ship. 

·       There is no paid management team so the trustees are expected to be involved in matters such as the writing of policies, development of procedures and  overseeing the commercial and operational management of the organisation.

·       The board recognises that having trustees with a variety of perspectives, experiences and skills can help to improve its effectiveness. 

·       To fulfil the role as an effective trustee and contribute value to the charity, your enthusiasm and the ability to commit to onboard meetings every two months and support to committees and working groups are important.

The Board sees  attendance onboard as essential to ensure trustees can regularly meet with the volunteers. This is important as 25,000 hours of volunteer work is needed every year to run and maintain the ship. We have a Governance committee, Fund-raising Committee, Operations Committee and short term working groups for matters such as Learning and Development, Communications, Membership.

We are very interested to hear from anyone who would be interested in filling the specific roles of Honorary Treasurer or Honorary Secretary.  These positions will normally be members of the Board of Trustees and provide support to committees reporting to the Board. The work offers opportunity to be a key member of the team that aims to keep our historic ship operating for a further 25 years.

All applications should be addressed to chairman@ss-shieldhall.co.uk and must be received by 11th March 2021

With regards.