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Summary of Executive Committee Meeting held – January 2014

Minutes of the meeting held on 6th December 2013 were approved. The full minutes are available from the Secretary on request.

The Chairman will be writing to all members to try and increase the load factor on sailings.

The Trading Company budget was received and endorsed.

Action has been taken by the Trading Company top prevent unauthorised persons having access to the ship.

Following the death of John Milne, it had been proposed and agreed that Norman Tulip would join the Trading Company Board as Engineer Superintendent

A proposal for the creation of “non-member” volunteers was approved.

The creation of a Fundraising Committee was felt to be desirable. Members would be sought.

Nigel Philpott has been contracted to take on the role of Ticket Manager.

The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be on 21st March 2014.

JR. Nov 2014