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Summary of Executive Committee Meeting held – July 2012

Minutes of the meeting held on 18th April 2012 were approved. The full minutes are available from the Secretary if required.

Richard Walker has joined the Board of the Trading Company as Hon Treasurer.

Chris Lowe has taken on the role of Marketing Manager for Shieldhall.

Responsibility for insurance matters will in future rest with the Hon. Secretary

Plans are being developed for the creation of a Commemorative Wall on board.

Handover of the Treasury function from John Everett to Richard Walker is now completed. The ECM would be pleased to hear from any member to support the Treasurer with day to day accounting administration and occasional deputising.

The need to return to Falmouth for emergency hull repairs seriously depleted our reserves. The work required was not funded by the Lottery.

Allocation of our stage 1 lottery grant supported dry docking and survey of the ship. Work has now begun on the preparation of our stage 2 bid.

The Trading Company reported a break even position on the “Titanic” sailings. The sailing of the “Three Queens” was well supported although bad weather had made it an uncomfortable experience for many of our passengers, emphasising the need for improved weather protection.

The importance of marketing the ship both for sailings and functions alongside continues to be a major challenge. All members are asked to get involved in helping to raise awareness and sell Shieldhall to the general public. All ideas and suggestions to the Marketing Manager (marketing@ss-shieldhall.co.uk).

A major initiative with the Nuffield Theatre is taking place at the beginning of September.

A young persons training day is scheduled for 14th July.

Assistance is needed to support the Ticketing Manager. The requirement is primarily for telephone back up. Please contact Richard Walker for detail (tickets@ss-shieldhall.co.uk).

The Chairman emphasised the importance of increasing our membership and encouraging more members to take on executive, officer and working roles if Shieldhall is to survive.

The next meeting of the ECM is on 8th August.

The Half Year meeting of the Society will take place on 18th November 2012.

JR 14 July 2012