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Summary of Executive Committee Meeting held – June 2013

Minutes of the meeting held on 5th April 2013 were approved. The full minutes are available from the Secretary on request.

The ECM welcomed newly appointed members, Edwina Cooke, Rosie Jacob and George Sloss.

Bob Stevens has been appointed to the role of Training Co-ordinator.

Work has begun on delivery of the HLF Project. Graham Mackenzie is the Project Manager with support from a Project Delivery team.

The raising of “matched funding” via members pledges is progressing well. The Executive recorded appreciation for the generosity shown by members.

The Executive endorsed and adopted a new Safety Management Policy developed to meet the requirements of the MCA. A copy is on board and available for inspection. All sailing and working crew are required to read and acknowledge the content.

Extensive discussion took place on the need to strengthen and restructure the Trading Company Board following the retirement of Graham Mackenzie. The ECM and Board are now fully engaged in this debate and would welcome the input of members.

The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be on 7th August 2013.

JR. 23/07/2013