Home NewsSummary of Executive Committee Meeting held on 31st October 2015

Summary of Executive Committee Meeting held on 31st October 2015

Good progress was reported on securing the funds needed for 2016 dry dock

The Treasurer led a discussion on VAT Rules as applied to the Society

It was noted that an unexpected expenditure had arisen with the requirement for a boiler survey

Refurbishment of the saloon has been deferred to early 2016

Discretion to extend honorary membership to the spouse of a deceased member was approved

A link has been established with Southampton University for volunteer support

Revisions to the format of Shieldhall Magazine were approved with the discontinuation of obituaries, individual donation acknowledgement and a mail order provision for the shop.

The Executive received 2 ship models to be used for display or generation of funds

The loan painting from P&O currently in the saloon will be returned to the owners

D Burke was appointed a director of the Catering Company

A defibrillator had been acquired via donation and the British Heart Foundation

The possibility of the ship visiting the Mersey in 2016 was under review

JR. Aug 2016