Home NewsSummary of Executive Committee Meeting held on 3rd June 2016

Summary of Executive Committee Meeting held on 3rd June 2016

Officers of the Society were re-elected following the AGM

Jim Cusiter has been appointed to the Executive and John Phelps co-opted for one year

Dry docking had taken place within budget with sufficient funds raised via donation and bequests

Bookings for all sailings are showing improvement on last year

A meeting has been scheduled with the new Port Director

The requirement to operate the bar with authorised persons was noted

The Trading Company reported the adoption of the new Domestic Safety Management policy

The Executive is keen to identify a community based project for development

An application to HLF for Transition Funding is being prepared

Redundant pictures and artefacts from the saloon and bar are to be made available to members for a donation

The ship is able to provide a facility for the scattering of ashes

An in house Inheritance Tax Planning seminar is planned

The AGM approved an increase in membership fees and rule changes

JR. Aug 2016