Home NewsSummary of Executive Committee Meeting held on 5th February 2016

Summary of Executive Committee Meeting held on 5th February 2016

Discussion with ABP over berthing arrangements is ongoing

The possibility of the ship visiting Dordrecht in 2016 is being explored

Ticket sales for the coming season are well up on the previous year

Good progress was reported to achieving the dry dock funding target

Funding set aside in the HLF Project for training has yet to be committed

Funding was approved for engagement of professional fundraising support

The AGM will be asked to approve an increase in membership dues and introduction of Direct Debit

The urgency and process of succession planning was discussed in detail. A special meeting to be convened.

A new “think tank” has been established to consider new ideas for business offerings, the idea will be progressed at the AGM

Rules of the Society have been reviewed and will be presented at the AGM for endorsement

The need for more support for young people training has been acknowledged

Capt Ian Odd has taken on responsibility for crew training in advance of the sailing season

JR. Aug 2016