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Summary of Joint Meeting of the Executive Committee and the Board held on 8th December 2017

James Robson has stood down as Hon Secretary for the EC and for the Board and been replaced by Jim Cusiter. 

The accounts and VAT returns for financial year 2016-17 are being finalised and budget setting for the new financial year is in hand and will shortly be finalised.

The draft Drydocking Specification was reviewed and endorsed.  Drydocking is planned for April-May 2018.

The planned sailing programme for 2018 was reviewed and agreed subject to endorsement by ABP.

Discussion took place on the Conservation Management Plan (CMP) and the Management and Maintenance Plan which incorporate commitments undertaken as a condition of recent Heritage Lottery funding.  Since SS Shieldhall has been recognised as a National Maritime Heritage asset there are obligations on us on how to conserve and maintain the ship.  Concern was raised that the cleaning and maintenance of refurbished areas such as the saloon, messroom and toilets need to be improved. It was also pointed out that HLF could visit the ship and inspect the refurbished areas at any time and that this was more likely to happen if we pursue current plans to seek a further grant. 

It was agreed that the CMP and the Management and Maintenance Plan were live documents under the ownership of the ECM and will be incorporated into the regular review cycle planned within the agenda for these meetings. 

The Editor of the Magazine has decided to step down in late 2018 and a new Editor is being sought.  The Editor submitted a paper outlining proposals for continued development of the Magazine and this will be considered at a future meeting when a new Editor has been appointed.

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