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Summary of the Executive Committee Meeting held on 14th June 2019

The Treasurer presented his financial report to date. This now includes the ringfenced funding associated with the recent award the Heritage Fund Resilience Grant.  There have also been contributions from supporters for the planned refurbishment of forecastle cabins.  It was pointed out that the correct financial procedures and authorisation by budget holders for expenditure needs to be followed.  This will be clarified with crew members and use of appropriate forms implemented.

An invitation has been received to attend the Bergen Steam Event in 2022.  Although there are difficulties to overcome before participation can be considered feasible, it was felt that this should be supported in principle and warrants further investigation. 

As Project Director, Graham Mackenzie, presented the first progress report for the Heritage Fund ‘Resilient Future’ Project.  The official start date for the project was 1st May 2019 and completion is expected in late 2020.  It is anticipated that a Project Manager will be appointed shortly after interviews with shortlisted candidates.

Focus on fundraising activities are ongoing, and consideration is being given to setting a monthly lottery.

A report by the Volunteer Coordinator (Phil Stephens) was reviewed.This shows that a high percentage of enquiries are coming through the website or by word of mouth.Only a small percentage are received from new members or from passengers.After discussion, it was agreed that the regular reporting of volunteer administration matters would be more appropriately dealt with by the SSPS Board but that the Volunteer Coordinator should be invited to present reports as required (at least annually) to the ECM.

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