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Summary of the Executive Committee Meeting held on 1st February 2019

An application for the Queens Award for Voluntary Organisations is being progressed and arrangements are in hand to get the required nomination from a third-party charity.

Early ticket sales for the 2019 season are going well with about £20k already sold.  Gift aid recovery for the last tax year has resulted in a payment of £5700 from HMRC.  A legacy from a recently deceased member is being processed and is expected to realise a significant contribution to our funds.

The options for alternative passenger parking are being investigated.

The ECM confirmed their support for the initiative to seek a dispensation from MCA for their requirement to change to an annual drydocking cycle. 

Discussion took place on updating the Business Plan.  It is anticipated that if the current Lottery Resilience Grant application is successful, this work will result in a new Business Plan being drafted.  It was agreed that the ECM must take ‘ownership’ of the Business Plan and ensure that it is kept current.  Implementation of the Business Plan will continue to be delegated to the Board of SSP(S)L.

The written Safety Officer’s Annual Report from Ian Odd, dated 25th January 2019 was reviewed and the Chairman thanked the him in his absence for a very clear and comprehensive report.

Notice of the AGM on Sunday 7th April 2019 will appear in the February magazine and will be advertised on the website with a reminder sent by email.

In accordance with Rules 42 one third of the Executive Committee are required to stand down at the AGM.  Therefore Doug Brodie, Jim Cusiter, Barry Eagles and Rosie Jacob will retire at the AGM and in accordance with Rule 41(b) are eligible for re-election without nomination.  All have indicated their willingness to stand for re-election. 

It was agreed that David Morgan should be invited to become a Vice-President in recognition of his long support of Shieldhall and his wider contribution to the preservation of marine and steam heritage.                                                       

JMC – February 2019