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Summary of the Executive Committee Meeting held on 27th July 2018

The Hon Treasurer presented a Financial Report to 27th July 2018.  Income had benefited from two recent legacies, but additional expenditure was required due to emergency repairs in the engine room which cost in the region of £6k.  General concern was expressed that costs were increasing but income was static due in part to the ongoing inability to realise the potential of income from the use of the saloon to host functions. 

An overview of trading activities confirmed that ticket sales and catering were doing well with significant income also being received from a recent filming contract.  The lack

of a Front of House Manager was again highlighted as still a major concern.  Discussions are still ongoing about possible alternative berths but there is little likelihood of anything materialising in the short term.

Following an appeal to Members, Brian and Mary Davies had come forward to volunteer to take on the role of Magazine Editor.  They have already met with the current Editor and have confirmed their willingness to take over as Joint-Editors with effect from after publication of the October 2018 issue.  The appointment was unanimously endorsed.

It was agreed that the policy with regard inclusion of companies and organisations on the list of ‘Friends of Shieldhall’ shall be that those who qualify should, in the previous 12 months, have made a significant cash or in-kind donation to the ship or be providing significant support in other non-monetary ways.  As a guide the monetary value of the benefit should be at least £500.  Based on this criterion the current list as published was reviewed and updated accordingly.

Discussion took place on recent comments that have suggested that the way in which the ‘management’ of the organisation (ECM, Board and HODS) communicate and engage with the wider Membership and active volunteers should be reviewed and improved to encourage more active participation at all levels.  Discussion also focused on the format of the AGM and Half Year Meeting with recent disappointing attendance at these events possibly being a symptom of a lack of adequate engagement and communication to encourage active participation from the wider Membership. 

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