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Summary of the Executive Committee Meeting held on 2nd February 2018

The Chairman has met with the ABP Port Director to seek clarification on the possibilities of obtaining a berth suitable for future hosting of alongside functions.  The Port Director is very supportive of keeping Shieldhall in Southampton, but Berth 110 is likely to remain our lay-up berth until the area is redeveloped possibly in about 18-24 months.  Investigations are also ongoing into the possibility of alternative berths outside the commercial port.

Clarification has been received from HMRC that will allow us to claim gift aid on small donations received through collection boxes and ad hoc small donations.  A completed Gift Aid declaration form is not required for such small donations. 

Early bookings on sailings are promising with good take-up of the early booking discount on certain sailings.  30,000 copies of the sailing programme have been printed and are being distributed. 

New legislation is coming into effect in May 2018 which will require us to update our Data Protection procedures for handling personal data of members and customers.  The implications of this are still being investigated but it is likely that a consent statement on membership forms and on the website will be required.  The terms and condition for ticket sales on the website will also have to be updated. 

The drydocking tender from A&P Falmouth is being evaluated.  Subject to confirmation the docking is likely to take place around mid-April with the ship in drydock for approx. 7 days.  The Chairman thanked all those involved for the professional approach being taken to the tendering process and preparation for drydocking.

The Safety Officer’s Annual Report was received and reviewed.

The AGM will take place on Sunday 8th April 2018 at 1100.  

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