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Summary of the Executive Committee Meeting held on 5th April 2019

The Treasurer reported completion of the Annual Accounts to 31st Oct 2018 which would be presented at the AGM.  These show a successful 2018 sailing season and a healthy bank balance although it was emphasised that much of the current surplus was attributable to filming contracts, bequests and Member donations, sailings had shown a very small profit.  The Treasurer noted that VAT returns were soon going digital which would likely require an investment in new software.

There has been an excellent start to the 2019 season bookings which were double those of the previous year at this time.  A limited number of free tickets had been allocated for Carers in 2019.  A discussion on adding a stay in Weymouth to the early season planning had taken place at the SSPS Board but rejected on grounds of cost and uncertainty over income generation possibilities.

The Chairman informed Committee Members that Derek Burke had decided to stand down from his role as CEO due to family commitments.  The Chairman thanked Derek for his contribution to the Board and ECM.

Discussion took place on Fundraising and it was confirmed that the Society President had agreed to be a part of the fundraising initiative and a meeting was planned.  The Chairman reported a continued interest from members and visitors for an online shop and asked that the matter be kept under review.

The Chief Engineer’s written Annual Report was reviewed, and Graham Martin was thanked by the Chairman for a very clear and comprehensive report.

Lewis Folland as Webmaster attended and presented a status report on investigations into possible upgrades to the website.  This identified the benefits and potential of a new website and gave indicative costings and savings achievable.  A target date for change of autumn 2020 is proposed.  The ECM endorsed the work to date on this project and agreed in principle to moving ahead with the upgrade in 2020.

The Membership Secretary reported 53 new members had signed up in 2018 and that current membership stood at 803.  A detailed review of membership numbers, recruitment and potential improvements to administration required of the new website would be scheduled for a future meeting.  It was agreed that, with immediate effect, the requirement for the Membership Secretary to issue new Membership Cards each year on renewal would cease and that future memberships would be acknowledged by letter alone.

The Chairman reported that David Morgan had agreed to become a Vice President of the Society.

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