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Summary of the Executive Committee Meeting held on 5th October 2018

Notification has been received that Lewis Folland who was nominated for the Marsh Christian Trust Volunteer Award has been shortlisted and has been invited to the award ceremony at Trinity House, London on 13th Nov together with the Chairman.

With drydocking this year, the annual accounts currently show a deficit for the year to date, but the overall position is currently still in surplus with the likelihood that there will be enough reserves to meet short term commitments including the next drydocking in 2020. 

A claim from the owners of the MV C. Capella for damage due to contact with Shieldhall when at Poole has been settled by payment of £1500 to the owners.  Another claim for water damage to a passenger’s camera during the Bournemouth Air Show is ongoing with the passenger threatening legal action.          

It is proposed to re-establish a Fundraising Committee ideally with a high-profile individual fronting any new initiative on fundraising.

David Start who has taken on the role of Archivist presented his outline plan for developing an archive system.  The initial phase will be to try to identify external and internal sources of documentation that could be included in the archive.  Contact is being established with regional archives that may be able to offer advice and help. 

Phil Stephens has taken over as the volunteer coordinator and focal point for dealing with new volunteers.

The next Half-Yearly Meeting will take place on Sunday 4th November 2018.

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