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Summary of the Executive Committee Meeting held on 8th June 2018

The 2018 National Historic Ships Regional Flagship (Solent) Pennant for 2018 has been awarded to SS Shieldhall and will be presented at a ceremony to be held onboard.

The Drydocking Superintendent presented the expenditure summary and conclusions from the recent drydocking in Falmouth.  The budget for the drydocking including transit and miscellaneous costs was £110k with contingency.  The final actual cost was approx. £128k including local tug and pilotage costs.  The extra costs were due primarily to extra work required by MCA and involved the repair of bottom shell pitting and weld repairs to leaking rivets in way of bunker tanks. 

The general condition of the hull was reported as very good due to the effectiveness of the suspended anodes deployed during winter layup.

The use of local contractors to carry out packages of work prior to going to drydocking had worked well and was very cost effective. 

As a follow-up to the drydocking, further investigations are taking place into possible future measures that could be taken to reduce the risk of fuel leakage through rivets in the boundary of fuel tanks.  It is thought that these are due to the penetration effect of light diesel oil as opposed to previously used heavy fuel oil. 

It was also noted that there seems to be a several recent incidence of contact damage during berthing which required repair to satisfy the MCA.  It was suggested that this should be investigated further with procedures reviewed and the possibilities for improving handling characteristics of the ship through ballast distribution and trim be considered.

A vote of thanks was offered on behalf of the Chairman and the Executive to all those involved in the drydocking for the professional way in which preparation and execution of the work was carried out.

The following GDPR 2018 documents were approved subject to any minor changes that might be identified by a separate review meeting:

  • Data Protection Policy (June 2018) – replaces version of 1st June 2015
  • Data Protection Privacy Notice (June 2018)

The Executive acknowledged the importance of renewed focus on recruiting a new Chairman and a new Editor for the magazine and any suggestions would be welcomed.

JMC June 2018