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Summary of the Executive Committee Meeting held on 9th Aug 2019

The nomination from the Board of SSPS that Phil Stephens be appointed as Acting CEO received endorsement from the ECM.

The Treasurer presented his financial report.  The high income for SSPS to date reflects the record ticket sales achieved although some of this will be balanced by known expenditure still to be incurred.

SSPS have reported ticket sales are at a record level although adverse weather expected over the coming weekend means that at least some of the planned sailings will have to be cancelled. 

With effect from 2020 a new smoking policy will be introduced to restrict the areas of the ship where smoking or vaping is permitted.

Jo Watson who has been appointed as Project Manager for the Heritage Fund – Resilient Future project. 

The suggested introduction of a ‘Shieldhall Supporters 50/50 Club’ lottery to raise funds was endorsed with implementation targeted for 1st January 2020.

The Magazine Editors gave an overview of their first few months in their roles.  The ECM expressed their thanks for the work done to date and confirmed the general positive feedback on format and content of the recent issues.  An Editorial Policy was approved to provide guidance for the Editors. 

The current list of ‘Friends of Shieldhall’ for publication in the Magazine was updated and approved.

The Chairman suggested that the role in the bridge team of individuals with yacht master qualifications needs clarifying.  It was confirmed as policy that those with yacht master certificates are welcome as part of the bridge team but that the Master in charge should hold a foreign going master mariner certificate.  It was also reconfirmed that the appointment of masters must be approved by the ECM on the recommendation of the Marine Superintendent.              

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