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As a volunteer led organisation without a guaranteed income stream, Shieldhall is hugely dependant on the support it receives from Members and Friends.

Each year the Charity organises a schedule of cruises which can be enjoyed by all the family and which are our baseline source of income. In days gone by, earnings from the cruise programme would fund our annual programme of maintenance and improvement. Increased fuel costs and compliance with maritime legislation mean we must now constantly fund-raise to keep Shieldhall sailing. There are so many ways you can help us to keep our Steamship Alive and Steaming! Scroll down for more information…

Become a Member

Become a Member, the cost is minimal and membership provides individual benefits, involvement at a level you choose and a strong Charity.

Apart from being a valued member of the team, your modest yearly subscription:-

  • Helps keep this lovely ship operational
  • Provides you with 3 copies per year of the charities magazine “Steamship Shieldhall”
  • Secures a 10% discount off excursion tickets
  • Offers the chance to participate in her future as a member with voting rights at the AGM

Enjoy a sailing with us

Book a cruise, our programme of cruises is easily accessed by clicking below.

Come and Volunteer

Steamship Shieldhall is run by a fantastic team of volunteers who are all passionate about what they do. All with the same aim, to keep our heritage vessel alive and steaming. All the positions aboard Shieldhall are voluntary, there is no salary for any of our volunteers. All volunteers within our organisation are encouraged to become full subscribing members of the charity with the additional benefits associated with membership.

Join the Shieldhall 50:50 Lottery

Your opportunity to provide practical financial support for the continued operation of this unique heritage vessel and participate in a monthly prize draw.

  • An easy and effective way to support Shieldhall with attractive monthly prizes
  • All of the money raised is shared equally
  • 50% goes to prizes for members and
  • 50% keeps Shieldhall steaming

Make a Donation

Donate, by making a cash donation through our “Local Giving” page. Remember that donations frequently provide an additional tax benefit for the Society without any cost to the giver.

Remember us in your Will

A gift to Shieldhall is a lasting memory and a provision for the future. Find out how by clicking below.

Online Shopping

With so many of our supporters moving to online shopping, please remember that this is another way to support Shieldhall.

See our supporters

The continued operation of Steamship Shieldhall is heavily reliant on the support provided by key organisations and companies.