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50:50 Club

Welcome to the Steamship Shieldhall 50:50 Club Lottery.

Your opportunity to provide practical financial support for the continued operation of this unique heritage vessel and participate in a monthly prize draw.

The 50:50 club is a Registered Small Society Lottery, open to all and run entirely in house thereby enabling all of the money raised to be shared equally between the members and the ship.

The more subscribers the bigger the prizes

Support Shieldhall – Join our Lottery – Be a Winner

  • How does the Lottery Work?

    Membership is open to anyone wishing to support Steamship Shieldhall.

    50% of the income raised will be returned to the members of the scheme as monthly cash prizes. 50% keeps Shieldhall steaming.

    A much better return than any similar commercial  lottery.

    • Subscription shall be £5 per share per month paid by Standing Order.  Multiple subscriptions/shares may be purchased up to a maximum of 10 shares per participant, paid on the same standing order.
    • A prize draw will take place on the first Friday of each month.

    There will be three prizes allocated as follows:

    First prize 25% of previous month’s total subscriptions
    Second prize 15% of previous month’s total subscriptions
    Third prize 10% of previous month’s total subscriptions

    Subscriptions may be started and stopped at any time but we do ask that you commit to a minimum of 12 months of membership in the first instance. Subscriptions must be received no later than the 26th day of the month to be eligible to participate in the following months draw. The draw (and prize money) will be made based on the subscriptions received in to the bank account for that month.

    The more subscriptions, the bigger the prizes!

  • How do I Sign Up?

    To participate in the draw simply follow one of the options below.

    Option 1

    To participate in the draw simply email your name, address, postcode, phone number, confirmation of the number of shares you are purchasing and the reference from the standing order to 5050admin@ss-shieldhall.co.uk

    You will also need to set up a Standing Order with your bank, for which you need to know that our bank is Santander, Bootle, the the payee is Steamship Shieldhall Charity, the sort code 09-01-29 and the account number 54799060. It is most important that you add a reference to your Standing Order payment instruction comprising your postcode followed by your surname, all in uppercase with no spaces, eg SO213TFWINNER.

    You can choose the date you wish your Standing Order to leave your account but payment must be with us by the 26th of the month to participate in the following month’s draw. It is generally possible to complete a Standing Order instruction to your bank on line.

    Option 2

    If you prefer to make a hard copy application, download the application form below and tear off the slip over and send to

    5050 admin, 11 Avonborne Way, Chandler’s Ford, SO53 1TF