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Whether you have a Will already or you’re planning to write your first Will, it really isn’t hard to add a gift to Shieldhall and it can make all the difference with our constant challenge of securing the funding to keep steaming.

We strongly recommend that you visit a solicitor to ensure that your wishes for your family and any charities can’t be misunderstood later on. However, we do offer the following suggestions of possible ways you may choose to help us.

Make a bequest (a gift) to the Charity either in the form of:

  • A Pecuniary gift (a specified sum of money you decide to donate from your estate), it is a sensible idea to ask your solicitor to index link it.
  • A Residuary gift (made from whatever is left over once gifts of money and things have been distributed in accordance with your wishes), you can donate the whole or a portion of your residual estate to a charity like The Steamship Shieldhall Charity.
  • A Specific gift which could be an item you feel we could use or sell to raise funds.

If you have already made a Will you can still help by adding a codicil (a revision/update) to your Will. Again we advise consulting with your solicitor or legal advisor but a codicil is an easy and effective way of adding a gift to Shieldhall at any time.

Further information on remembering Shieldhall in your Will can be obtained from our Company Secretary who can be contacted at secretary@ss-shieldhall.co.uk.

The following link will take you to a page of suggested wording you might like to consider in the preparation of a bequest or addition of a codicil. Remember, take advice from your solicitor and if you are planning to update your Will never write on or amend the existing document, it could become invalid.

For suggested legacy and codicil wording, see the downloadable document below.