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Deck Maintenance Volunteer

A variety of roles from bridge team to deckhand, engineer to boiler attendant, working on the hull and rigging, in the engine room and on deck machinery. Tasks include scaling and painting, washing down and buffing up the paint and brass-work; servicing a unique assembly of classic boilers and steam engines. Working conditions can be hot, cold, dirty and in sometimes cramped surroundings but always satisfying.

Deck Volunteer Job Description

Name of Role: Deckhand Volunteer

Description of Role:  Shieldhall is a historic steamship whose rigging, steelwork and deck machinery need to be constantly maintained to ensure her ability to carry passengers and achieve an income to support her preservation. Deckhand Volunteers will be expected to carry out a range of tasks under the direction and supervision of the Bosun and within a team environment.

Reporting to: Bosun and/or Designated Team Leader.

Work Environment:  You must expect to work in the sometimes harsh environment which is the open deck or hold spaces of a cargo/passenger carrying coastal vessel built more than 50 years ago. Fighting rust and delivering a ship which is attractive to passengers takes many hours of hard work mainly during the winter months in order to prepare the ship for her sailing season. When not “in steam” the ship reflects seasonal temperature variations.

Physical Demands:  Work place access can involve some climbing of ladders and stages, kneeling on the steel deck and use of relatively heavy and noisy machinery. Awareness of risk and the ability to work with only minimal supervision is essential.

Sample Tasks:
To scale, paint and clean according to a regular maintenance programme.
To work on rigging and deck machinery under supervision.
To keep up to date with any relevant training.
To keep the Bosun informed of any issues that arise, especially Health and Safety issues.
Other tasks as agreed with the Designated Team Leader

Health and Safety: Your own safety and that of those around you is paramount. Safety equipment is provided according to the task in hand (hard hats, goggles, hearing protection etc.). However, you are responsible for providing your own working gear (boiler suits, protective footwear, gloves etc).

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